Adams Beverages Distributor

Fintech values our relationships with alcohol distributors and their role in the three-tier system. One of our distributor partners, Adams Beverages, is a family-owned and operated Anheuser-Busch wholesaler that started in Dothan, Alabama, in 1937.

Eric Kiser, Vice President of Distributor Strategy at Fintech, recently traveled to Alabama to train Adams Beverages employees and join one of the drivers on his delivery route to help spread the word on Fintech’s benefits. This “work-with” proved to be a great success!


About Adams Beverages

Back in 1937, Adams Beverages comprised one truck and two employees. After three generations and over 80+ years of dependable service, Adams expanded to six operations in Alabama and four in North Carolina. They partner with over 150 suppliers and distribute over 1,500 brands to over 9,100 supported customer accounts.


Onsite Training and Market Work-With

There is a reason we are trusted by over 4,800 alcohol distributors and self-distributing suppliers. With our automated alcohol invoice payment solutions, Fintech’s operational efficiencies allow distributors to spend more time growing sales and profits. We also make onboarding new retail accounts to your distributor profile easy with our e-Vite tool.

Eric Kiser went up to the Birmingham warehouse to provide firsthand educational training on the benefits of Fintech to retailers so delivery drivers can help sign new accounts. Eric’s team training helps distributors build confidence to overcome common objections from retailers. Distributors often incentivize their drivers with bonuses for each account they add and process an invoice. Fintech is proud to co-op these incentives 50/50 to further help distributors grow their Fintech retailer account base.

After meeting with the team, Eric returned to the warehouse at 5 a.m. to join Willie Cotton, a delivery driver for Adams, on his normal route. Together they offloaded the truck and wheeled in each account’s order and then explained the retailer benefits of Fintech’s automated alcohol invoice payments.


Adams Beverages Rise n Shine
Adams started their retail visits bright and early in Birmingham, AL.


One convenience store manager pulled out their thick commercial checkbook to make the payment while Eric and Willie described how adding Fintech can save time and money on each delivery. It is easy to see the benefits of an automated electronic payment solution while they are spending time scribbling out a check.


Adams Beverages Willie Cotton and Eric Kiser
Willie Cotton (left) and Eric Kiser (right) visited multiple retailers to discuss the benefits of Fintech.


They also showed each retailer a flyer with a custom QR code directly linking to the EZ enroll registration page specific to Adams Beverages. Fintech can create a custom QR code for distributors so any retailers they add can instantly be enrolled in automated payments. This makes the sign-up process quick and painless for retailers and allows distributors to better manage all the accounts in their portfolio.


Create Operational Efficiencies with Fintech

Adams Beverage has been with Fintech for a long time, and we are happy to be able to provide training and assistance to their exceptional staff. We understand the importance of distributors and value our partnerships. Eric and his team are on hand to help nurture distributor relationships and onboard new accounts.

With Fintech, distributors like Adams Beverages can:

  • Realize $6.83 in Operational AROI per delivery
  • Keep their workforce safe
  • Eliminate cash, checks, and money orders
  • Speed up deliveries
  • Decrease invoice inquiries from retailers
  • Quickly add new retailers through the Fintech Ezenroll process
  • Improve invoice record reconciliation
  • And more…

If you are a distributor looking to add more Fintech retailers, contact Patrick Foggia, Director, Distributor Program team at [email protected].

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