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PaymentSource® Pro

For bars, restaurants, hotels, convenience stores, grocery stores, and any other on-or-off-premise business selling alcohol.


Alcohol invoice payment automation and management to help businesses protect margins and save time.
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PaymentSource® Premium

For companies wanting to automate invoices, including all food & beverage or any other business-related services.

AP Automation

Invoice automation for all goods sold using OCR technology to digitize manual data entry.
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1 Out of Every 3 Retailers Nationwide Choose Fintech, Including:

Automate Alcohol Invoice Payments

PaymentSource Pro

Whether you operate a small to medium-sized business or a corporate franchise, PaymentSource will automate your manual alcohol invoice processes, giving you time to focus on taking care of your customers and growing profits.

PaymentSource will do the work for you by automating accounts payable processes and more:

  • Alcohol Distributor/Wholesaler Invoice Payments
  • Reporting On Price Change
  • Distributor Credit Requests
  • 200+ Back-office System Integrations
Alcohol Payments Invoice Automation

Affordable Solutions for All Businesses Selling Alcohol

Do you only need automated invoice payments without purchase data, portal access, or an integration with your back-office accounting system? Start the self-enrollment process for our no-cost, distributor autopay solution by clicking below.

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